Articulating Boom Lifts


The self-propelled Articulating Boom Lift has a distinctive feature of being flexible with its multi-stage folding boom. The boom lift allows operation and manoeuvrability around numerous obstacles without the repositioning of the base, making it a notable machine in the application of various industries. The articulating boom lift has high reliability in the environment of narrow spaces and aisles.

What’s an articulated boom lift?

An articulated boom lift is a type of boom lift that is designed with multiple sections that can articulate at various angles, allowing the operator to get the job done with ease. The boom lift can be rigid or flexible, providing maximum support within the range of heights. The boom lift can be used for transporting equipment, hoisting huge and heavy materials, etc.

It may be operated from ground level or elevated, without the need for complicated construction. With an articulated boom lift, users can overcome problems caused by ground contact. The boom lift is very advantageous in lifting heavy loads and having a wide range of sizes and heights to choose from.

Key features of an articulated boom lift

A boom lift is a versatile machine and is used in many industries and areas. The boom lift may be used to transport and lift a wide range of objects.

Ideal for narrow workspaces

Articulated boom lifts are an ideal solution for conveying heavy loads and are ideal for tasks that require high-lifting capacities in a confined space or a small area. The boom lift is compact in size and can be very easily manoeuvred and moved yet can be extended to a wider range of heights and diameters as required.

Ideal for rough terrain operations

With its boom lift, it’s easy to use for carrying heavy loads in areas that are rough and difficult to access. The articulating boom lift is ideal for transport of materials and equipment in areas of rough ground. The boom lift provides a smooth ride for the load and is easily moved and delivered to the required location without any damage to the load. It has a soft touch that can be operated without causing any damage to the load.

Can reach over and around

The boom lift is relatively lightweight and therefore suitable for operators who need to transport a lot of cargo in a confined space. The boom lift is capable of working over uneven terrains and elevating up to a height of 12 metres.

4WUD traction allows grade ability up to 40%

The 4WUD traction allows for superior traction in the harsh environment of the work area. It increases the rigidity and durability of the boom lift. It improves the stability of the boom lift and enables users to transport heavier loads.

Final Thoughts

It is an extremely useful boom lift that can accommodate a wide range of objects in narrow spaces and aisles. It has all the necessary features for securing easy use, ensuring it’s the most reliable boom lift available.

With its broad range of useful functions, the articulated boom lift is a machine that has a huge demand in the marketplace. It provides a vast range of options to any user, yet doesn’t take up much space or require many pieces of maintenance. The components for this boom lift are assembled with precision along with simplicity and ease of use.
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