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Scissor Lifts


Top Mech’s extensive range of Scissor Lifts includes both electric and diesel propulsion and both hydraulic and motor-powered lifts. The electric scissor lift models are equipped with advanced energy-saving technology, increasing the machine’s efficiency during mobilisation. The scissor lifts are great for both outdoor and indoor operation and its movements — raising, lowering, steering, forward and backwards motion — are simple to operate. Also equipped with intelligent alarms, the scissor lift protects both the user and equipment. Its platform can be disassembled for an easier mode of transportation.

What is a scissor lift?

Many of our customers use a scissor lift to reach higher up and allow users to manoeuvre around their entire space in a more comfortable, efficient and safe way. They are a popular model of aerial platform lift which is used for indoor or outdoor applications. Scissor lifts have a lower platform height and are as high as 20 – 50 feet.
What is a scissor lift

All you need to know about Top Mech scissor lifts

With large platforms to accommodate people and materials, scissor lifts are a very popular aerial platform lifting solution in Malaysia. These lifts provide the facility to quickly make adjustments and complete the manoeuvres with minimal personnel. It is ideal for various industrial operations such as goods delivery, house moving, assisting people with wheelchair accessibility, installation work and more.

What truly makes the scissor lift a valuable tool is that its lifters can extend up and collapse in a single movement. It can also be either electric or diesel powered depending on the customer’s requirements, making this piece a true rival to the traditional ladder.

Whatever the project may be, a scissor lift is a great tool to keep your maintenance team working at great heights safely.

The types of scissor lifts

In today’s market, the options of scissor lifts are far greater than what we used to have before. Below are just a few of the numerous types of scissor lifts to choose from:

The benefits of scissor lifts

There are multiple advantages to using scissor lifts on construction and other projects. Some of the advantages are discussed below.

Access hard to reach heights

Not only are workers able to reach heights of over 16 meters, but they are also able to adjust to the situations they are facing with ease, making them more confident when faced with difficult projects such as maintenance, repairs, and cleaning.

Easy operation

Workers are able to drive these lifts up, down and sideways with ease and it is more convenient to provide care to a site and maintain the job than with traditional ladders.

Compact size

Once assembled, a scissor lift is the smallest lifting platform of its kind with a capacity to lift a person in a single movement, no matter its size.

Fewer workplace injuries

Skilled workers are able to climb tall structures quickly, safely and comfortably with a mobile lift like a scissor lift.

A lot of opportunities

Its compact size, higher lift capacity, and variety of uses have given the scissor lift a positive status in most industries.

Choosing scissor lift with Top Mech

We will be glad to assist you in your scissor lift needs. Our skilled team of engineers will guide you with our scissor lift from initial setup to continuous operation. You will also be able to access a wide range of equipment and design solutions from our experienced team of crane specialists. We are committed to providing you with the finest scissor lift solutions in the industry. To get started, simply get in touch with us by visiting our contact page.

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