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Self-propelled Telescopic Boom Lift provides outstanding performance and reliability to lift users in the harshest working conditions. The travelling of the boom lift can be controlled during aerial operation, increasing work efficiency. The boom lift has a maximum working height of up to 44 metres and is able to park on slopes without the risk of slippage. Telescopic boom lifts are widely used in construction engineering, urban utilities, airports and harbours, curtain wall engineering and many more.


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In this blog, we are going to dive deep into the overview of telescopic boom lift (a.k.a. stick boom or straight boom) including its general characteristics and operation. Let’s get to it!

What is a telescopic boom lift?

The telescopic boom lift is a gantry-type frame which carries the boom or boom arm during aerial operation. The boom arm can be lowered and raised within the gantry and the telescopic boom lift can be driven along the boom arm with the push of a joystick. The boom arm can carry large sections of heavy machinery and equipment. They are commonly used by construction, industrial, painting and facility management industries.

Why use a telescopic boom lift?

You need a good telescopic boom lift for certain types of engineering projects. It can be used for:
Scalability for custom design
Scalability for upgrading project capability
Scalability for special projects
Increase safety with extra manoeuvrability

Key features of a telescopic boom lift

Greater horizontal outreach

The horizontal reach of a telescopic boom lift is significantly greater than that of conventional road-going trucks, especially on narrow roadways where the telescopic boom lift can be placed in the centre of the road. The bigger work area of a telescopic boom lift results in significant reductions in time spent manoeuvring around heavy machinery. The telescopic boom lift improves the efficiency of the operator by reducing the amount of time spent on the back-and-forth movement of heavy equipment, enabling them to carry out more work at the same time.

Faster to reach full height

The maximum lifting height of the telescopic boom lift is limited by the height of the lifting boom, and this can be increased using hydraulics. It can also be driven quickly to the top of a crane to gain full height before a job starts.

Oscillating axles offer maximum terrain ability

The driving mechanism of the telescopic boom lift is electromechanical servo-driven by an electronic control unit. The oscillating suspension axles allow the boom to move vertically as well as horizontally, enabling the telescopic boom lift to achieve a wider dynamic range.

Why you should choose Top Mech?

Top Mech is renowned for building the nation’s best range of cranes, built to specification that combine the most innovative and efficient features with the highest levels of reliability and performance. Get in touch with us now and experience the advantages of our fully-serviced state of the art telescopic boom lifts.

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