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Crawler Cranes

Hydraulic Crawler Cranes:SCC10000
  • Safe control system : The two operating modes of working and installation are convenient and reliable; the crane is equipped with the functions of real-time display of ground pressure and levelness, off-line stop action, emergency electric control, lightning protection, automatic traveling direction adjustment, CCTV monitoring, etc.,and the safety and monitoring devices are complete.
  • Outstanding operating performance : Load sensing, limit load adjustment and electro-hydraulic proportion dead slow control offer the perfect inching performance of actions, and more stable operation.
  • Reliable function assurance : The key components are all of world-renowned brands;the designed safety margin of structures and members are sufficient; the control system can operate stably under the harsh environments like extreme cold, high temperature, plateau or sand wind.
  • Convenient maintenance technology : It takes approximately no more than 10min/person to adjust;no more than 30min/person for daily maintenance;no more than 2h/person to repair.GPS remote monitoring system is optional for maintenance and management.
  • Modularized combination : Fast assembly and disassembly solve the troubles in transportation of oversized or overweight members.
  • Many operation modes :  Suitable for the constructions of wind power, fire power,petrochemical, bridges and large venues, etc.
  • Optimized chassis design :  It makes the stability of the machine much better, and the ground pressure much smaller.
  • 100% load travel :  Powerful tracking force and travel smoothness bring the advantages of crawler crane into full play.
  • Independent electric control software :  All operations are controlled with computer, and the system is simple and thus more convenient to maintain; it has a friendly human-machine interface and failure self-diagnosis function with high reliability.
  • All-enclosed hydraulic system :  energy-conserving, efficient, and high inching features.
  • Centralized lubrication :  A centralized lubrication system under auto-control provides automatic lubrication to the whole truck and reduces servicing time and maintenance frequency.
  • Hoisting simulation software :  facilitate the users to select operating conditions and simulate operating conditions, thus to improve the working efficiency.
  • Base with outriggers :  easy and quick to assemble and disassemble.
  • Load moment limiter system :  the signal is transmitted by bus, which has a strong interference resistance.