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Diesel Self-propelled Scissor Lift

Super diesel power Load capacity up to 680kg Working height up to 18.1m

Diesel scissor lift features nice appearance, stability, reliability, strong power performance and field adaptability, flexible operation, excellent quality and safety. It applies to indoors, outdoors, field or uneven conditions. Scissor Lift can travel at both fast and slow speed in various operation conditions. Only one operator working aerially is required to accomplish a series of movements consecutively, such as moving upward, downward, forward and backward and turning. Compared to traditional manual (hydraulic) platforms, it greatly improves working efficiency and lowers labor intensity and reduces numbers of operators required. Automatic alarming protection during platform descending is used to prevent from smashing. The product boasts light weight and large load capacity. The platform is removable and easy to transport.

  • Maximum speed is 5.6 km/h, maximum gradability is 40% (4WD);
    Machine can stop on the slope and does not decline, also can start again on the slope;
  • Load capacity is up to 680kg, extension platform can bear 140 kg;
    The machine height is less than 2.58m, convenient for transportation, can drive into the container and convenient for shipping.

Strong load capacity and large operation range

Japan original imported Kubota engine with strong power, confirm to the European Ⅳ emission standards. Load capacity is strong, the maximum load is 450 kg, large operation range is up to 12m, extending platform can bear 140 kg. The maximum speed is 5.6 km/ h, maximum gradability is 40% (4WD), the machine can stop on the slope without decline, also can start again in the slope. The most advanced engine swing-out tray design in the industry, can reduce the time of repair and maintenance.

  • Platform can equipped with optional height limit device to protect the workers’ safety;
  • The control system will stop when the travel switch is in the position to ensure the fall of platform safe; machine has weight alarm function to ensure the platform load weight in a safe range and protect the security of the machine.

Able to adapt to the wild environment of high temperature and serious corrosion

Surface treatment of parts is up to Sa2.5 level + electrodeposition primer + Nippon paint processing, ensure high anti corrosion performance. All the shaft pin adopt wit h conditioning, QPQ treatment, most of the exposed parts adopt with galvanization, chroming or electrophoretic processing, can effectively resist corrosion. Adopt very strict dust protection measures, make the oil cylinder, valve block, rubber tube, aluminum tube and other parts that need dust protection with corresponding dust protection device, such as the operation control box wit h steel plate welding, to keep out welding slag, spatter, paint and other pollution.

  • Floating device lower when the machine is stowed, improve the off-road performance of the machine, floating device lower when the machine is working, improve the passage capacity of the machine;
  • Walking function and platform lifting proportional control are more energy saving, perfectly match the required speed, can achieve better comfort.