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Electric Chain Hoist

Duty Rating:

Intermittent rating

Single speed : 400 starts/hr
Dual speed : 120 / 240 starts/hr
Short time rating
Single speed : 60 min
Dual speed : 30 / 10 min




Short Time Rating

This rating indicates how long the hoist can be operated continuously at rated capacity on the cycle beside, assuming continued operation for a short time span.

Single speed : 60 min.
Dual speed : 30 / 10 min.

Intermittent Rating (Percent ED)

Max. Number of Starts Per Hour
This rating indicates the allowable ration of motor ON time to motor OFF time, and starts per hour for a hoist operated continously at 63% of rated capacity on the cycle below, assuming continued operation or repeated starting over a long time span.

Example ( single speed ): %ED :
Motor ON time ( t1 + t3 ) x 100
T ( 1 cycle )
Where T = 1 cycle ( t1 + t2 + t3 + t4 )
and is more than 10 minutes.

TMP Hoist Motor Ratings :
* Single speed : 70%ED, 400 starts/hr
Dual speed : 40 / 20 %ED, 120 / 240 starts/hr

Frame & housing :
  • The load-supporting frame is cast in one piece from aluminium alloy by gravity die-casting (type tmp15 and tmp30) to ensure structural intergrity.
  • Lightweight modular design has fewer parts and is easy to install and maintain.
  • Frame and control enclosure are ip55 weather protected against ingress of dust and water.
  • Baked finish gives the frame superior resistance to harmful environments.
  • Patent #055843
Hoist brake :
  • Dc disc brake with two flat-faced brakes discs (asbestos free) with a life of more than 1 million actuations, patent pending.
  • Oversized brake disc’s lower surface stress and prolong brake life, frequent adjustments are not necessary.
  • Holding brake can be manually released to lower the load in the event of a power failure or malfunction without special tools.
Overload limit :
  • New design: the load-limiting clutch does not break the kinetic bond between the holding brake and the lifted load, patent pending.
  • External access: the hoist gearbox does not have to be disassembled to service the load-limiting clucth
Heavy duty hoist control :
  • Telemecanique (square d) magnetic contactors chosen specifically for heavy-duty service have a rated life of more than 1 million cycles.
  • Reversing contactors are mechanically interlocked for added safety.
    24 volt, low voltage control transformer standard.
Gear box :
  • Multi-stage high performance gear train, gear teeth are precision machined for long life and quiet operation.
  • Planetary gear drive used for the final high torque reduction, all forces are balanced.
  • Permanently lubricated for life.
Push button station :
  • Molded reinforced high insulation plastics housing is impact, weather, corrosion and fire resistant.
  • Double insulated design.
  • Push button switched are mechanically interlocked for added safety.
    Strain relief cable is molded into the pendant cord.
True modular design :
  • Hoist motor can be removed with the hoist fully loaded. Chain sprocket can be removed without disassembling the gearbox. Load limiting clutch can be serviced without opening the gearbox.
  • Plug-in push button and power cord.
Hoist motor :
  • Squirrel cage parallel rotor motor designed specfically for hoist duty.
    Modular design facilities maintenance, the hoist motor can be removed with the hoist fully loaded for testing and or replacement.
  • Separate mounting of the motor and brake prevent local heat buildup.
    Motor housing is extruded from aluminium alloy.
  • Cooling fins increase surface area for maximum heat dissipation.
  • Class h insulation standard 180°c rise from 40°c ambient.
  • Thermal protection via 145°c rated n.c. thermostatic switch embedded in motor windings.
  • Duty rating is 70% ed, 400 starts per hour for single speed three phase hoist, equal to hmi classification h4.
  • Tenv and ip55 totally enclosed construction can be withstand harsh environmentals.
  • Single speed 4 pole (1800 rpm) motor standard, two speed-two winding 4/12 pole (1800/600 rpm) 3/1 ratio motor and control optional.
Hook :
  • Drop forged from alloy steek and heat-treated for strength and toughness, will not fracture but open slowly when overloaded.
  • Equipped with safety latch and 360° swivel hook.
Load chain :
  • Grade 80 super alloy load chain is precisely calibrated and heat-treated for long life.
  • Safety factor is more than 6-1. Load chain is zinc plated for resistance against corrosion.
Limit switch :
  • Upper and lower lomit switches can be adjusted to stop the hook in any position.
  • Limit switch has built in chain guides to safety stop the load event of twisted or damaged chain, also prevents non-vertical lifting.
Chain sprocket :
  • Tmp machined alloy steel lifting sprocket is heat treated for maximum performance.
  • High precision chain sprocket has more than 5 times the life of an investment casting sprocket. Advanced modular design enables replacement of the lifting sprocket without dismantling the hoist gearbox and without theuse of special tools.
  • Low headroom design.
  • High duty cycle, 400 start per hour standard.
  • Heavy duty hoist motor with class H i Insulation.
  • Increased lifting speeds over the competition.
  • Higher horse power than our competitors.
  • True Modular Design
  • Grade 80 super alloy load chain, 6 to 1 safety factor.
  • Chain container standard.D.C. brake, our unique design does not break the kinetic bond between the holding brake and the lifted load. Our brake design also incorporates a manual release mechanism in case of power failure.
  • Overload protection via advanced external slip clucth.
  • Sealed electrical enclosure.
  • Plug-in push button and power cord standard.
  • Upper and lower paddle type limit switch has built in chain guides.
  • Pendant, lightweight, double insulated and ergonomically designed.
  • 24 volt low-voltage control.
  • Trolleys have wrap around frames with safety lugs and bumpers standard.
  • Motorized Trolleys option includes, soft start-stop feature, D.C. disc brake, plug-in connections, circuit breaker short circuit protection, EMS contactor and five button pendant.
  • Available in230/460 volt 3/50 (select models available in 115 volt single phase). Others voltages available.

Advantages of ABM Chain Hoists

Precise Safety Clutch
  • Easily adjustable -> minimizes installation time
  • Maximum wear resistance, operates in oil bath -> minimal cost for maintenance and repair
  • Overload safety -> extends life of gearbox and motor
Foolproof Electrical Connections
  • Quick disconnect plugs -> easy connections during installation | foolproof design | no electrical contractor needed
  • Low voltage control (optional) -> maximum operator safety due to use of low voltage of 48 V
Modular Hoist Suspension
  • Easy exchange of eye bolt or swivel top à minimizes installation time hook suspension -> minimizes installation time
Outstanding Flexibility
  • Easy switch from 1 to 2 falls operation -> quick adaptation at installation site