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Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Fixed Model (Lug/Foot-Mounted)
  • The base unit of all models. Can be lug-mounted or foot-mounted.
  • Ideal as a replacement unit for existing installations. Widely used as lifting machine for goodshoists.Fixed Model (Lug/Foot-Mounted)
Single Girder Model (Low Headroom)
  • It’s compact size provides very low headroom and short hook approach.
  • Widely used on Single Girder Overhead Traveling Cranes and Monorails.
  • Trolley mechanism can be easily adjusted to suit various flange widths. Articulated trolleys can be supplied for the purpose of travelling on curved beams.
  • Standard capacities up to 16 Metric Tonne. Higher capacities can be engineered.
Double Girder Model
  • Designed and built for heavier capacities, up to 40 Metric Tonne.
  • Widely used on Double Girder Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes.
  • Optimum utilization of the available space thanks to the extremely low-built design.
  • Track gauge of the crab/trolley can be engineered to suit existing installations.
Open Winch Model
  • The model designed for the most rough and harsh environment.
  • The answer to 24-7 applications under ISO M7 and M8 requirement.
  • The highest load capacity range available, up to 500 Metric Tonne.
Duty class determination for hoist, according to European mechanical handling federation According to FEM classification, two fundamental criteria must be taken into account: the type of and the time of operation (according to average daily operating time for the hoisting movement of the equipment)
Criteria to obtain the average operating time in hours per day ™.
Hoist Performance Rating