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Top-Mech Elevator (TME) is a fully owned subsidiary of Top-Mech Provincial Sdn Bhd (TMP), an engineering and machinery company established more than 30 years ago. TME was founded by a group of experienced elevator engineers, to specialize in the supply and after sales services for all kinds of elevators.

With the vision to be one-stop service provider for all vertical and horizontal transportation system, TME has linked a strategic collaboration agreement with one of world’s leading elevator companies – XIZI ELEVATOR CO.LTD. This collaboration has enabled TME to tap into one of the most advanced elevator technology and knowledge.

Xizi Elevator Technology Co., Ltd.

Xizi Elevator Technology Co., Ltd., the brand name is "iLIFT | XIZI" (hereinafter referred to as "Xizi Elevator"). Xizi brand was born in 1981. It has been a cross-century domestic national brand for more than 40 years. At present, it has provided diversified building transportation solutions for more than 70 countries and regions around the world, and has continuously won the recognition of the market and the trust of its partners. Xizi Elevator has been consistent for many years, insisting on returning to the fundamentals, making good products, and not forgetting the original intention

For many years, Xizi Elevator has been adhering to the concept of "innovation-driven development, joint creation with wisdom", continuously improving scientific research and innovation capabilities, and has obtained a number of national patents for inventions, utility models, and appearance designs. While continuously strengthening its own technical team building, it has carried out extensive cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang Gongshang University and other universities to build a school-enterprise cooperation platform, keep pace with the times, continue to innovate, and always maintain the company's strong competitiveness.

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Product Range

Passenger Elevator

The types of Xizi Elevator technology products fully cover the demands of users, creating unlimited possibilities for construction transportation.

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Freight / Cargo Elevator

The appearance of freight lift has brought great convenience for the transporting, and freight lift with a huge capacity could embody its advantage of transporting better.

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Escalator & Travellator

The latest released XEC series are integrated drive escalator system are enhancement of Safety & Reliability.

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i520 Home Lift

i520Pro bringing aesthetics and art in every square in your life and travel a comfortable experience of taking elevators.

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Why Choose XIZI?

China Top 500 Private Enterprises.
High R&D and after sales service throughout the world.
With its strong research and development strength giving it an unparalleled Technical advantage. It is a recognized brand that achieved market recognition with its 6m/s Passenger Elevator at Huazhong international Plaza in 2015.
Nearly 40 years in the Elevator Industry.
Modern Comprehensive Elevator.
All Major Components (Motor, Control Panel, Cabin Door Operator) are originally designed and manufactured in-house by XIZI. Able to do this are Mitsubishi, Yong Da Lift, Otis and XIZI.

XIZI Elevator Business Region

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