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Freight / Cargo Series

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Freight / Cargo Elevator

The appearance of freight lift has brought great convenience for the transporting, and freight lift with a huge capacity could embody its advantage of transporting better. UN-F5000 freight lift, with a capacity of 2T~5T, could achieve effective energy saving when the huge capacity is matched with an energy saving control system.

Energy-saving Traction Machine

Up to 40% more energy efficient than ordinary geared traction machines .
Adopt imported high precision encoder to make the lift run at the best speed curve.
Professional self-made magnets never demagnetize and maintain permanent magnetic performance for a long time.
Adopt silent brake device, noise reduction 5~10(dB)A.

Intelligent Control

Serial Communication System

Serial Communication System

Adopting the pulse signal, landing display and call only need 4 wires, it will reduce the cost of connection failure and production cost greatly, improve the system reliability, also it will be convenient to upgrade in the future.
Unique Pattern Generator

Unique Pattern Generator

Make the elevator more stable in the process of acceleration, deceleration and braking, improve the leveling accuracy, reduce the running vibration and running.
Permanent Magnet VVVF Door Operator

Permanent Magnet VVVF Door Operator

Adopting the skilled technology of variable frequency drive and control logic, the synchronous door knives device to ensure that they open and close synchronously, and run sensitively and safely. The physical design is concise and reasonable, the space is saved, it is easy to install and repair.

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