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Picking the right crane is often a challenge for most new industries. With that in mind, it’s always best to evaluate the demands of each project and see which can offer the most benefits. Some projects may require an overhead crane while others could work with something more versatile and convenient, like a crawler crane. However, if your worksite is located on various landscapes, your business could benefit from renting or purchasing an all-terrain crane.

What is an all-terrain crane?

At a construction site, it’s always recommended to evaluate the worksite to determine the environmental conditions. This applies similarly to the machinery you utilize. As its name suggests, all-terrain cranes are built to adapt to all types of terrain effortlessly and are useful for work sites with ever-changing weather conditions. These types of lifting machines off better stability and faster speeds compared to other alternatives.

In fact, they are known to be powerful machines that combine the strength of both hydraulic truck cranes and rough terrain cranes. You could settle for either of those options but an all-terrain crane is often the ideal choice for heavy lifting jobs that demand versatility in movement.

To help you determine if one is right for your needs, we’ve put together a list of benefits that an all-terrain crane can provide for your business.
Compact design
Superior durability
Independent mobility to move from site to site
Smooth performance on asphalt roads and highways
Great performance in maneuvering through sand and gravel
Possess mobile undercarriage that allows for better flexibility
Superior durability
Offer convenience and comfort
Offer visibility for operators
An all-wheel steering suspension system
Strong lifting capacity

What are all-terrain cranes used for?

Due to their versatile design, all-terrain cranes are highly resilient lifting machines. Their unique ability to accommodate rough terrain situations means that they are perfect for rugged jobs, offering a new set of advantages to the construction sites. They’re also great to use for job sites with no road access.
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Since all-terrain cranes are ideal for most work environments, they’re also effective for mobility projects. The only thing you need to ensure that they are equipped with the appropriate lifting and travel abilities. They have a wide range of uses, like:
Additionally, all-terrain cranes are well-adapted to adverse weather conditions. The operator won’t have to worry about the job site being insecure during storms. But, strong winds should be avoided since cranes and winds don’t work well with one another and prevent future accidents.

The evolution of all-terrain cranes

All-terrain cranes are much sleeker and easier to handle compared to their older counterparts. While they are still heavy and cumbersome, the long arm design of their new crawler models reduces the height and girth of the machines, making them easier to transport.

Other than that, the new crawler models have better ergonomics, better tilt, better lifting capacity, simpler maintenance and top-loading. Their multi-axle configuration also makes it easier for moving materials around the site and into trucks.

All-Terrain Cranes

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How to determine which one is best for your job?

Overall, the size and usage of your crane depend on the type of operation you have in mind for the cranes and the environment it will operate in. For example, a crane that can be used for hard and heavy lifting tasks is a good option to consider, while one that can handle light material lifting is ideal for improving efficiency on construction sites.

Why You Should Choose Top Mech?

Choosing the best all-terrain crane can seem overwhelming to some people and the Internet is filled with different opinions on the matter. But Top-Mech Malaysia offers a helpful procedure for finding the most suitable crane for your needs. Find out more today!

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