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Crawler Crane


One of the most multifaceted cranes that are widely used today is the crawler crane. It can be customized to the specific load and application of a project. A crawler crane is designed with a set of tracks (crawlers) and has a crane mechanism attached to it. This allows crawler cranes to have more stability, mobility and reliability in carrying heavy loads and performing day-to-day operations.
Choosing a crane is a very crucial decision that can have a great impact on your work site. You should ensure that the crane you choose can meet the specific needs of your project and meet the daily work load on site. Most crane brands do offer their product on rental space but it’s always advisable to opt for one that comes with a good warranty like Top Mech. Before you decide, we are going to go through all-you-need to know about Top Mech crawler crane and how they are essential in today’s industrial setting.

What are crawler cranes?

It’s a crane mounted on an undercarriage with tracks rather than wheels. Crawler cranes are especially efficient in terrain that is rougher or unsteady, like a construction site or even in the middle of a city. In fact, they are versatile machines capable of performing and completing various lift tasks on all types of ground and weather conditions.

Types of crawler cranes

There are different crawler crane models that are used in construction industries today but the most popular ones are crawlers with telescopic booms. They come in a wide range of lifting capacities and sizes and are preferred by a wide range of industries including oil and gas, wind turbines, mining, and more.

The modular design gives workers the flexibility to adapt the crane to their needs, depending on the application. The boom can then be raised or lowered, and rigged with boom swivels, lowering arms, screw jacks, rollers, and boom pin bar assemblies to deal with different lifting situations.

The benefits of crawler cranes

Operate on rough and challenging terrain

Crawler cranes are well equipped with tracks that allow them to operate on rougher and more challenging terrain. They can be used with rough and uneven surfaces like mud, dirt, or gravel and can move over these challenging landscapes.

Contains health and safety features

Crawler cranes include safe operations guidelines to minimize the risk of accidents, injuries and major damage caused by the presence of hazardous materials and harmful atmospheres. The crawler crane includes safety features such as stability warning lambs, safety overload alarms and advanced computer safety aids, all of which can be used to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries on site.

Proven performance

Crawler cranes are well tested and proven as to their operational qualities and reliability. They have been used for many years and are being used more widely now as a result of the safety and performance features offered by these cranes. These cranes are also built to last which makes them suitable for both short and long-term usage.

Good ergonomics

Crawler cranes are well designed and ergonomically designed to meet the needs of the operator and the workers on site. They include ergonomic heads that facilitate better use of heavy-duty hydraulics and the tilt-able boom handholds, suitable for carrying heavy loads.

Reduce site disruption

Crawler cranes can be maneuvered to enable construction workers to quickly reach the desired destination, reducing the site disruption caused by the presence of heavy lifting machines and thereby making the construction process easier.

The uses of crawler cranes

Due to the stability of these telescopic crawler cranes and the capacity to weigh loads even on uneven terrains, they are very useful in construction sites where the ground is sloping, flat or rocky. The most common uses of crawler cranes are:

Oil and Gas

They are very useful in the oil and gas industry. Be it hoisting on a muddy surface or operating on uneven terrains, they are very handy in any working condition.


The construction of mines involves the use of large excavators. While these excavators are very good at their own work, a special crawler crane designed for mining operations is needed to lift the materials and perform all the heavy lifting operations.


Last but not the least, crawler cranes can also be used in construction sites for demolition, removal and loading materials onto heavy-duty construction equipment for excavation work. They are also used in lighting high loads at great distances and heights.

Crawler Crane

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Choosing crawler cranes with Top Mech

The makers of these heavy duty cranes have spent a lot of time and investment to ensure that the design of these heavy duty cranes meets the safety and performance guidelines of a crawler crane. They are very well designed and ergonomically designed. Moreover, they are also easy to use. A large number of crawler cranes are available with standard and advanced features, making them suitable for a wide variety of usage. For more enquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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