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SANY truck cranes including rough-terrain cranes and all-terrain cranes are equipped with multiple intelligent functions, making operation easier, faster and more efficient. Built with robust yet remarkably lightweight steel, SANY truck cranes are highly manoeuvrable yet powerful enough to tackle the most demanding hoisting operations. The powerful lifting capacity greatly increases job-site productivity.
truck crane

What are truck cranes?

Truck cranes are the cranes mechanism to mount on a heavy, modified truck chassis. It can easily travel on the road and offers a faster and convenient setup to perform the lifting activity. Today, truck cranes are a valuable equipment for construction site to hoist up, down, move and hang heavy loads. (i.e., steel, concrete beams)

To fully understand its capabilities, you will also need to know the different types of truck crane. The following are the common type of truck crane in the industry.

Types of truck cranes

When looking for truck cranes in Malaysia, Top-Mech offers four options that are listed below.
These are vehicles with a hydraulic operated boom. The boom is the part of the vehicle that carries the cargo. These trucks are ideal for loading and unloading heavy and awkward loads via highways, streets or construction sites. You can also use them for stationary jobs.
Due to their versatility, flexibility and efficiency, knuckle-boom cranes are the perfect crane to load and unload heavy items from the vehicle itself. The truck also has an additional feature to fold down its size to a lower profile. They are commonly used in narrow streets or tight spaces.
Rough-terrain truck cranes are specifically designed for off-road applications. As the name implies, the truck excels on rough terrains like snow, mud, or gravel-covered grounds. These trucks are made to have sturdy and large industrial tires to withstand and adapt to such environments. Its sole purpose is to carry and transport materials for construction or bridge-building projects.
Last, but not least, the all-terrain crane trucks are frequently used to transport heavy materials across all terrains – like paved roads and uneven surfaces. Their multiple axles allow them to do so and operators can move in any direction with crab steer capabilities. Additionally, these trucks have the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, allowing workers to use them at any time of the year.

The benefits of truck cranes

The size, mobility and manoeuvrability of truck mounted cranes make them ideal and practical for many industrial projects. Here are five ways a truck crane can benefit a business:

Better site accessibility

One of the advantages of using a truck crane is the fact that it’s easier to move and access the vehicle and load any of its heavy or awkward cargo on-site.

Easier material transport

Moving a heavy load in and out of a truck and onto a construction site is easier than using traditional lifting equipment. No longer will you have to wait for a crane truck operator to move large shipments of materials. Also, truck cranes help to move the crane easily to the desired position.

Takes up less space

Unlike traditional cranes, which require much space and usually take up a significant portion of a building or large area, truck cranes are small in size and can be easily transported to work sites without creating much extra work.

Lower costs

No longer will you have to spend large amounts of money on expensive equipment, like a traditional crane, just to help you lift up a few steel beams or load a few shipping containers. With a truck crane, you can save money without sacrificing the quality or efficiency of your work.

Reduce downtime

If you use a truck crane, you will also have less downtime. Working with a truck crane is fast, efficient, and saves time.

The uses of truck cranes

Here are some of the ways truck cranes are used in the industry.


Loading and unloading goods or heavy loads at construction sites such as steel beam, bricks, concrete, etc.


Deliver and recover items, machinery, and or vehicles


Inspection of elevated structures and power lines


Lifting scrap materials using a grab attachment


Self-loading raw logs


Loading concrete pipes

Truck Crane

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How to pick the right truck crane for your needs?

To get a better idea of what type of truck cranes is right for your business, start by reviewing your current needs. If you work in a factory setting, you might need a simple but well-performing crane with the ability to carry heavy loads. Just make sure to consider factors like the weight of the load (SWL), lifting height, distance (Working Radius) and Site Condition before picking an ideal truck crane.

Choosing Truck Cranes with Top Mech

If your business needs a high-powered truck crane with the ability to lift heavy loads, then you may want to consider the use of a mobile, powered lifting system, like the one manufactured by TopMech. This is what sets TopMech trucks apart from other traditional crane manufacturers. If you need to hire a truck crane that can lift up to 1000 kgs, then TopMech is the one for you.

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