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Electric Wire Rope Hoist


Top-Mech Electric Wire Rope hoist is a lifting medium used extensively where heavy-duty lifting occurs such as in warehouse logistics, papermaking and manufacturing plant. The electric wire rope hoist is powered by the most proven Hoist Drives. They are 100% designed and manufactured in Western Europe to FEM Classifications. Top-Mech Electric wire rope hoist stands for powerful, durable and cutting-edge solutions.

What are electric wire rope hoists?

An electric wire rope hoist is a device used for lifting or lowering a load. High-efficient lifting motors imported from Germany can ensure performance, safety, and reliability of every hoist. Electric wire rope hoists are widely used for Overhead Traveling Cranes, Gantry cranes, Slewing jib cranes and Monorails.

What electric wire rope hoists can offer you?

Top-Mech electric wire rope hoists are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows you to reach different heights and reach inaccessible areas with ease. These hoists are useful for transporting heavy loads weighing up to more than 100 tons and can be easily adjusted to accommodate different types of loads. The electric wire rope hoists are manufactured according to stringent quality control. Simply put, you may use different solutions for lifting heavy and heavy loads without worrying about the quality and the efficiency of the lifting process.

Types of electric wire rope hoists

Electric wire rope hoists come in various types such as fix type hoists, electric hoists with electric trolleys and electric hoists with crab which you may have to choose to meet your requirements and achieve your desired results. The features of an Electric wire rope hoist are as below:
High start and stall torque
High-efficiency energy saving
Soft and safe acceleration
High power density
Long life span
Low starting current
Very quiet operation
Dynamic acceleration
Dual surface safety brake
Heavy duty
Low dead weight
Large axis base for assembly in U-design
Direct mounting of Rope Drums
Available in a wide range of lifting speeds
Low dead weight
Low noise gearing design
Low vibration drive design
Splined connection for easier mounting and dismantling
Lifetime lubrication

Electric Wire Rope Hoist -
Single Girder

EWRH Single Girder
EWRH-Double Girder

Electric Wire Rope Hoist -
Double Girder

Final Thoughts

The innovative technology of electric wire rope hoists makes it possible to handle loads from different heights and reach difficult areas. It makes your job easy, it increases productivity, and it saves time, money, and effort. Top-Mech electric wire rope hoists are simple and easy to handle and they offer you various levels of comfort and safety.

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Duty class determination for wire rope hoist, according to European mechanical handling federation.
According to FEM classification, two fundamental criteria must be taken into account: type of duty and time of operation (according to average daily operating time for the hoisting movement of the equipment).
Criteria to obtain the average operating time in hours per day
Average Daily Operating Time in Hours
Wire Rope Hoist Performance Rating