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Goodshoists are used on construction sites to lift stocks or cargo vertically within a building. They are usually powered with an electric or pneumatic system to lift medium and heavy loads, to ease the daily operation of workers. As for its functions, Top Mech Goodshoist is designed with multiple features that can support daily operations while accommodating safety standards in case of power failure or other accidental experiences.


Need a sturdy yet functional goodshoist to lift loads or other heavy duties on a construction site? If so, you should opt for Top Mech’s goodshoist.

But before you do, we will explain all you need to know about goodshoist from your trusted expert.

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What are goodshoist?

Goodshoist is an equipment used to hoist stocks or cargo vertically within a building structure. Most modern hoists are powered with an electric or pneumatic system to lift mediums and heavy loads instead of traditional cables.

These days, most construction sites require these lifts to carry out their daily operations. This is to ease carrying loads up and down the building. They are fitted with shutters and are installed with hoists, push buttons, switches and more. Thanks to technological advancement, Top Mech’s goodshoist are safe, efficient and reliable to use in any industrial applications.

Salient features of goodshoists

Before you decide to opt for a goodshoist, make sure that it comes with some salient features like the ones listed below.

Sturdy design

The function of a goodshoist is to supply hoist force to lift heavy and lightweight goods, materials, etc. The most important part to keep in mind is the strength of the hoist. Some Goodshoist is designed to carry up to 1000 kgs while the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) requires goodshoists to have a maximum load of 2000 kgs.

Door sensors

A goodshoist is often equipped with sensors that detect when a door is open or closed. These sensors are used to warn the workers about potential problems that may occur such as a worker falling while changing the load or other accidental situations.

Secure control rooms

Most companies have their own warehouse management systems. It controls the workflow and movement of workers in the warehouse and ensures a safe working environment. To improve the functioning of these systems, companies often opt for a goodshoist control room that provides workers with the security they need.

Spacious cab floor

Some goodshoists are designed with cab floors to provide the workers with adequate space to move around and perform their daily tasks.

Clearly defined load capacity

It’s important that the hoist features clear load capacities to determine the maximum load a worker can carry. This gives workers the right amount of space when transporting materials or objects for work.

Safety breaks

It’s advisable to maintain a safety break at regular intervals during loading. The workers should always be conscious of this as they may be pulled into action by unexpected circumstances.

The benefits of goodshoists

Thanks to its flexibility and convenience, goodshoists are now more common in modern industry. They are able to lift heavy materials and objects from one floor to another while fulfilling their purpose as an effective tool in a workplace. Goodshoists also create positive effects on the well-being of workers in the industry.

With the continuous development of modern technologies, goods lifts have become more reliable and efficient. This makes it possible for the workers to carry out their duties with a lot less stress.

Some advantages of using a goodshoist

As mentioned, goodshoists are well equipped to lift heavy objects and even help to transport materials in hard-to-reach places. They can be equipped with lifting capacities of up to 2,000 kg.
As a versatile and high-tech lifting system, goodshoists have the capacity to lift a great deal of heavy materials. In fact, it’s possible to fit a goods hoist with a variety of features depending on the client’s needs.
Apart from being a secure and versatile lifting solution, goods lifts come with a maintenance plan that’s easy to follow and execute. The maintenance plan protects the client’s investment from any potential damage.
The majority of goodshoists come with replaceable components such as hydraulic cylinders, driveshafts, gears, and attachments. Thanks to their compact size, goodshoists are very durable and readily available to clients and suppliers.
There’s no denying that goodshoists are relatively a faster system compared to traditional forklifts and cranes. Thanks to their ability to transport and lift heavy materials, goodshoists can move from one place to another with amazing speed.

The benefits of goodshoist solutions are abundant. These solutions can be found in many different variations with the most popular ones being hydraulic lifts followed by electric lifts and motorized lifts.

Uses of goodshoists

Goodshoists have a wide range of applications including lifting products, construction materials, warehouse stocks and materials, and equipment.

Engineering Industry-2000kgs Goodshoist 3 Stops/3 Openings

FMCG Goods-2000kgs Goodshoist 3 Stops/3 Openings

FMCG Goods-2000kgs Goodshoist 3 Stops/3 Openings

Glove Industry-1000kgs Goodshoist 2 Stops/2 Openings

Hardware Industry -1000kgs Goodshoist 3 Stops/3 Openings

Hotel Kitchen-1000kgs Goodshoist 2 Stops/2 Openings (Stainless Steel Finishes)


Survey, logging and construction






Why you should opt for Top Mech?

With our expertise and experience, Top Mech is undoubtedly the best choice for you! We offer high-quality and reliable goodshoist equipment which proves to be dependable for our clients. On top of that, we will continue to develop more efficient and better products for you and the world of construction. To know more about Top Mech products, feel free to contact us!

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