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In a modern world, there are minimal industries that would work around a job site manually. But it doesn’t mean that a job site or workshop doesn’t need to be run by the workers. A perfect example is using manual chain hoists during a project.

It’s a necessity to get materials delivered to the worksite with quick and effective results. But for cost reasons, sometimes using manual tools like manual chain hoists, can offer the same benefits but maybe not the same convenience. No matter, we will share with you everything you need to know about Top-Mech’s manual chain hoists.

What is a manual chain hoist?

Manual chain hoists are hand-operated chain blocks that are widely used in various industry applications, despite the labour required. It’s a tool used to lift and lower heavy loads manually but not for pulling applications. They can also be attached to other accessories such as slings and chain bags to help lift heavier loads more evenly.

Key features of manual chain hoists

Modern manual chain hoists come in all shapes, sizes and styles with different power ratings and features. Below are some of the features:
Key features of manual chain hoists

Uses of manual chain hoists

Mainly operated with manpower, these manual chain hoists are usually employed in smaller workshops and garages to lift spare parts. Since they do not rely on a power source, they can be operated at many heights manually. Also, as they require basic mechanical training, you can expect almost anyone to use this tool without any difficulty.

Benefits of manual chain hoists

In regards to the advantages, manual chain hoists are known to be more economical for small and medium-size job sites since they come with adjustable designs. It also makes it easy for workers to adjust the height and reach up to them.

Additionally, they are easier to repair and maintain in the long run due to their compact design and can be fixed very easily. The biggest advantage of these hoists is that it does not require complicated machinery or any type of electrical power source for use.
Manual Chain Hoist

Manual Chain Hoist

Choosing manual chain hoists with Top-Mech

No matter your needs, Top-Mech has got your lifting problems and enquiries sorted. We supply electric and manual chain hoists from trusted brands around the world that offer various weights, load sizes, and accessories. The key to choosing a good hoist is by looking at its functionality and performance and how it can benefit your workspace.

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