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Overhead Travelling Crane


Also known as bridge cranes, overhead travelling cranes are designed for the industrial environment and are commonly used for manufacturing purposes.


Purchasing an overhead travelling crane is a huge investment for many businesses. But with a little planning and some diligent research, it can save money, make for a quicker renovation, and improve operations at your home improvement store or business site.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the definition of overhead travelling crane and it’s purpose as well as the considerations that should be made before purchasing one.

What is an overhead travelling crane?

An overhead travelling crane is a machine or equipment that allows an operator to lift and move heavy objects from one location “X” to desired location “Y”. There is no “one size fits all” for an overhead crane, rather the overhead crane is carefully designed and engineered for a specific purpose or application to suit customer requirement.

Overhead cranes can be designed and built-in with all kinds of configurations while different components can be swapped out or engineered to improve their capacity and performance. Some of the most popular reasons for using an overhead crane include:

Types of overhead travelling cranes

Here are some of the examples of overhead travelling cranes:
single girder

Single girder overhead travelling crane

The crane is designed with a single bridge that is running on top of two runways. The Safe Working Load of a Single Girder Overhead Travelling Crane is commonly designed from 1,000kgs to 16,000kgs.

Double girder overhead travelling crane

Similar to a single girder crane, but with a dual bridge. The Safe Working Load of a Double Girder Overhead Travelling Crane is commonly designed from 1,000kgs to 50,000kgs. Large Crane above 50,000kgs to 200,000kgs is available upon request.
double girder

How are overhead travelling cranes used in the industry?

They are widely used in industrial buildings, warehouses and distribution, and agricultural warehouses. At times, it is also used to transport heavy loads in the shipping and transport industries.

What are the benefits of overhead travelling cranes?

They are well-suited for work that requires high stability such as loading and unloading goods and heavy machinery. A single crane is perfect for low to medium lift applications and double cranes are best for lifting loads over 16,000 kg.

Some of the benefits of overhead cranes include:


A good overhead crane comes with standard designs and specific configurations, making it easy to load and unload heavy loads at varying heights. A system that can lift the load from the ground to the desired height without making mistakes is the most ideal for overhead cranes.


It saves time because it moves the load smoothly and without additional support.


It comes in various sizes and is designed to adapt to different types of jobs such as truss girder, single girder, double girder and box girder.


There are many ergonomic and manoeuvrability options that make it easier to operate the crane. You can control it with ease and make use of the right angles thereby reducing the risk of injury.


If used as per the guidelines, a crane is safe for all workers and equipment. It is safe and secure and helps in lifting loads that are properly balanced.

Low maintenance costs

An efficient and well-designed overhead crane has a low-maintenance cost because of its adaptability and being equipped with computer technology.


There are plenty of options to modify and change the design of the crane to suit any environment or application based on customer requirements and specifications.

Uses of overhead travelling cranes

There are different applications for overhead cranes that are ideal for loading and unloading heavy loads.


Warehouse and distribution centres

Transporting goods




Chemical industries

Commercial printing

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