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Self-propelled Telescopic Boom Lift

Telescopic Boom Lift is designed in the concept of solidity and durability and good performance to provide a safe and reliable aerial work platform for customers. It applies to even very tough conditions. The vehicle can travel by itself flexibly during aerial operation (maximum working height is 44 meters). It is large in operation range, high in efficiency, powerful in driving force and large in load capacity. This model is widely used for ship industry, large-sized steel structure, construction engineering, urban utilities and gardening, airport and harbor, curtain wall engineering, petrochemical industry, etc.

  • Strong loading capacity;
  • Wide working range;
  • Great grade ability;
  • Max. driving speed is high;
  • Easy to operate, good stability, no impact, no shake.

Closed cycle hydraulic driving circuit, provide unparalleled power and performance. Driving system loop using the latest technology development level of axial variable piston pump and plunger drive motor. Hydraulic tank provides a cooling system to prolong the service life of components, enhance the ability of corrosion resistance and improve the monitoring and control system performance.

  • Length, Angle sensor built- in, anti-collision dustproof;
  • Refined steel covering part’s service life three times longer than ordinary primer;
  • For the machine working in dusty, sand washing, spraying and corrosive site, provide the best protection in this industry.

Easy to locate

Arm lift/fall & extend/retract and rotation of the chassis, using full scale gradient control, even in narrow space, it is also easy to locate and operate more smoothly; Original c ontroller , back up sensors, redundancy control, ground control equipped with display, which can realize status display , fault detection and diagnosis, parameter calibration & maintenance guidance, and other functions. Machine and components calibrate through the control system . All valves and the controller (handle) through the control system (including the initial setting and debugging).

  • Strong load capacity: Max. loading weight is 480kg(restricted);
  • Large working range: 22m;
  • Strong gradeability:30%;
  • High Max. driving speed: 5.2km/h;
  • Easy to control, good stability, no impact, no shaking.

  • Large steel platform;
  • 160 degree rotating hydraulic platform;
  • Lgnition and repeat the ignition protection system;
  • Maximum load capacity reach 250 kg(non- restricted)

Industry leading level horizontal reach, provide strong practical performance, maximum expand level working scope . One of the largest horizontal extension distance has the absolute advantage; Boom out through the telescopic hydraulic cylinder, wire rope of extend and retract synchronization scale; Telescopic cylinder and steel wire rope institutions can remove from the back of arm. The program can be completed in 2 hours and there’s no need to decompose the arm.

  • Strong load capacity : Max.loading weight is 480kg(restricted);
  • Large working range: 22.3m;
  • Strong gradeability:42%;
  • High Max. driving speed:4.4km/h;
  • Simple and reliable, easy for maintenance.

Extend axle Operation range is bigger

Stowed width is 2.49 meters, expansion width is 3.35 meters. Axle extend/restrict controlled platform . Operator spress specified function button, forward or backward about the whole length of the chassis, axle can retract or extend to the length of collection or expansion. Other similar products using hydraulic outrigger and fixed chassis, using axle to move or need to reduce the arm close to the ground, lift the chassis and move axle. Without using the axle expansion, arm can’t rise to above level or out of more

  • Large steel platform;
  • Heavy loading steel tube platform 160 degree rotating hydraulic platform;
  • Steel cover part, good sealing, suitable for working in shipyard, which is dusty, welding slag, high temperature, corrosive environment

  • Four arm parts telescopic boom, a leading industry greatly extend horizontal reach, provide strong performance, enlarge the level work scope greatly;
  • Hydraulic tank provides a cooling system to prolong the service life of components, enhance the ability of corrosion resistance and improve the monitoring and control system performance.

  • Strong load capacity;
  • Wide working range: 22.5m;
  • Great gradeability: 40%;
  • Max. Driving Speed: 4.4m/h;
  • Bus control, simple and reliable, easy for maintenance.

Leading-edge Technology, Wide Working Range

Made from HG70 high- strength steel, four-section booms are light in weight, more stable relative to the chassis, no risk of breakage or curved, increasingly extending horizontal outreach, and widening working range. Sufficient horizontal outreach provides powerful practical performance, and extends horizontal working range to the fullest. Horizontal Outreach has overwhelming superiority of AWP field.

  • Split or collecting hydraulic control hauling system can reach real four wheel driving, in case of one wheel slipping to lose power.
  • Steel covering is waterproof and dustproof, which adapts for dusty, wielding splash, high-temperature and heavy erosive conditions.

Flexibility of Operation in Narrow Distance

Four- wheel steering has four modes, including front- wheel steering, rear- wheel steering, crab-shaped steering, and four wheel steering. Multi steering modes make sure the machine work flexibly in restricted conditions. Each wheel is separately controlled without rod. This relies on the displacement sensor on the top of the kingpin, and control system will examine the position of tires and make it adjusted as well.

  • The security and stability coefficient of steel structure are comparatively higher to extend the life use of the equipment.
  • Computer automatically inspection and judgment of the safe range, it will alert by sound and light, and it will cut up the inclination towards danger.