Steel Structure Fabrication

Scissor Lifts

Top Mech’s extensive range of Scissor Lifts includes both electric and diesel propulsion and both hydraulic and motor-powered lifts. The electric scissor lift models are equipped with advanced energy-saving technology, increasing the machine’s efficiency during mobilization. The scissor lifts are great for both outdoor and indoor operation and its movements — raising, lowering, steering, forward and backwards motion — are simple to operate. Also equipped with intelligent alarms, the scissor lift protects both the user and equipment. Its platform can be disassembled for an easier mode of transportation.

Articulating Boom Lifts

The Self-propelled Articulating Boom Lift has a distinctive feature of being flexible with its multi-stage folding boom. The boom lift allows operation and manoeuvrability around numerous obstacles without the reposition of the base, making it a notable machine in the application of various industries. The articulating boom lift has high reliability in the environment of narrow spaces and aisles.

Telescopic Boom Lifts

Self-propelled Telescopic Boom Lift provides outstanding performance and reliability to lift users in the harshest working conditions. The travelling of the boom lift can be controlled during aerial operation, increasing the work efficiency. The boom lift has a maximum working height of up to 44 meters and is able to park on slopes without the risk of slippage. Telescopic boom lifts are widely used in construction engineering, urban utilities, airports and harbours, curtain wall engineering and many more.

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