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Surface Protective Coating

TOP-MECH SPC Products provide a modern, efficient and labour-free method of lubricating the most difficult applications areas – in some cases the only method. The products consist primarily of molybdenum disulphide (MoS2), NOT GRAPHITE, with other very effective components to create a pre-determined, optimal coefficient of friction for use in numerous industrial applications. These products are supplied as dry, long-lasting blocks.

SPC Blocks coat metal surfaces with a solid, non-migrating, protective layer approximately 10 microns thick. This coating maintains a constant, optimal coefficient of friction between the contacting surfaces. Wear of the metal surfaces is reduced, therefore increasing substantially the life of these machine parts.

These products also contribute to noise reduction, i.e. on locomotive and rail car wheels / rails.

The products can be effectively applied to:

  • Cranes and all other types of wheel / rail-equipped conveying systems;
  • Trunnions, rings and thrust buttons on all rotating equipment, i.e. kilns, dryers, mills, etc.;
  • Steel cables on pulleys, cranes, etc.;
  • Chains;
  • Locomotive wheels;
  • Various other metal surfaces
dMT – SPC Type M (Traction) Block mounted on the Tread of the Drive Wheels