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Truck Cranes

  • China’s first 5-axle 200-ton all-terrain crane with attractive appearance, shorter wheel base is more maneuverable, lighter, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
  • Maximum boom length of 62m. Extension is performed with a single automatic telescoping cylinder with latching technology. The section modulus of the U-type boom increased by 15% over similar cranes. Max. lifting capacity: 220 ton. Luffing jib is capable of stepless offsets within the range of 0°- 40°. Max. boom length: 105m, max. operating height:102m. Maximum operating radius: 82m.
  • Outstanding traveling capability including a 6 mode hydro-pneumatic suspension system. Steering system can be configured for all wheel steer or crab steer. Min. turning diameter: less than 20m with an anti-overturning warning function;
  • Efficient hydraulic system and remote monitor technology;
  • High reliability and great performance from key parts like Mercedes engine, ZF gear box, Kessler transfer box, Kessler axles, Michelin tires, and main hydraulic components from Rexroth, Vickers and other well known, name brands.