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Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform

It is featured with fast speed, high mobility, and it can reach where there is a need for aerial work within a short time. Compared with scissor lifts, it has higher working height, and it is suitable for outdoor advertising, traffic light maintenance and civil work or gardening. With the support of the cargo body and thehydraulic outriggers, it is much more stable and it is not confined to the work on even ground. The truck-mounted aerial work platform integrates the function of articulating boom lift, but it is cheaper on price. It is much easier to learn and operate.

  • Simple operation, reliable performance, major movement has shift gears;
  • Two back- up power system, high ability to tackle the abrupt failure conditions;
  • A- shaped outrigger design, strong adaptability to different working conditions,high working efficiency, great power horse, low fuel consumption, and environment friendly etc.